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Our identity

OUR JOB IS OUR PASSION We assume all the company’s objectives, strategies, and projects as ours and we do not give up until reaching them. We work under a sense of urgency and we are agile and flexible to anticipate changes. WE DEVELOP TALENT. We train leaders. We provide our staff with the opportunities to grow and we trust their talent and experience allowing us to freely let them excel. We empower our staff. WE GENERATE VALUE. We search for business opportunities and establish and execute plans to exceed the profits estimated by the shareholders. WE WORK WITH RESPONSIBILITY. We do not tolerate unethical practices. We demonstrate ethical behavior with our stakeholders. We are responsible for all our actions, guaranteeing the quality of our products and prioritizing our cooperators’ safety. WE CREATE EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIENCES FOR OUR CONSUMERS. They are our guide. We are committed to surprising them with our products, services, and work ethic. We like to lead the way into new challenges and surpass the goals we set. We believe in innovation in order to be more competitive. WE ARE ENVIROMENTALLY FRIENDLY. We are extremely concerned about the environment where people will be impacted the most, so we neutralize environment impacts with our high distribution, packing and production standards.


More than 125 BRANDS

through our three businesses:
Consumer Goods, Industrial Products, and Animal Nutrition. We are leaders in 23 product categories.

Presence in Latin America

Our presence

We are a company with over 6,800 cooperators in Latin America. They work to create leading brands with best quality. Our headquarters are in Peru. We also produce in five countries of this region (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Ecuador) and our products are traded in more than 23 countries.
Colombia Ecuador Peru Chile Argentina Brazil (*)
(*) At the beginning of 2013, we acquired Pastificio Santa Amália, a consumer goods leading company in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Our characteristics

How are we in Alicorp?

We show agility in decision making, we are flexible and able to adapt quickly, we take ideas and make them tangible, so were productive. We see our growth as a result of our strategic approach – as part of our vision of the future - to increase our production scale in order to keep growing.
We have leaders throughout our staff and we push them to develop their talents and strengthen their skills. We are in constant motion, living our dreams with passion, innovating to create new base lines and a better life for our consumers and clients. We will surpass expectations, producing increasing value for shareholders, investors, clients, and consumers. A company image is reflected in its people and we are characterized by these concepts and we will continue to cultivate our vision as we move toward 2021.

We create
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We are in constant
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in the society.
X «Leadership is not a choice. A leader is a person who gets close to people and listens to them. Otherwise, he cannot come in contact with people nor transmit that commitment - the passion needed in a company. The integrity, confidence, listening skills, and respect are the requirements to be met by the leaders responsible for the company’s changes».
X «The vision is the capacity to make a future forecast and express it in a concrete way, so that the team can share it and set out in the journey. Vision involves a journey, a dream, and an adventure for everybody. The mission of a leader is to motivate his people to reach this great goal and to say: let´s get that».
X «In Alicorp, we have the privilege and responsibility of permanently searching how to do things better. Here, the people are in the middle of decisions, are in charge of achievements, therefore, we are a different company. Managing our staff’s talent as well as ours involves identifying opportunities, being ready to take full advantage of them, being able to leave a comfort area, and developing the highest potential».
X «The agility is what makes us understand the needs of the diverse segments of clients surprising them each time we interact, always moving ahead of the competitors. We reach it not only by means of technology and a good strategy but through our staff, delegating decision making and risking a little more than others».
X «Believing in what we do is the way an idea comes to fruition. I have a passion for creating, moving people, and transforming things. I never ask my team to do what they have to but what they would like to. I know it will be a benefit for Alicorp’s products.»
X «The best practices are not written in a book. We work on the capitalization of experience, the permanent optimal use of resources keeping high quality and safety standards. This is the only way to succeed and we will be an international sustainable manufacturer.»
X «I remember that some time ago we had a limited capacity at the plant and the demand and variety of products continued growing, so we discovered new creative ways to increase our productivity. At that time, we made the necessary adjustments, broke paradigms, and optimized work processes, which allowed us to increase our production by 20%.»
X «Well-being provides people with a higher quality of life. It is not only to provide well-being through quality products but also make life easier for our cooperators, suppliers, clients, and consumers. For example, we are trying to limit our clients travel and expenses by bringing the products to our remote clients. The inclusion is also promoted by means of the economy.»
X «It is challenging to make new products successful but even when we do not have much time we can achieve. We have a professional and creative staff constantly searching for new ideas and trends, attending fairs, and working as a team with the suppliers and other areas of the company. Our innovation permanently comprises tests, questions, and reformulations until reaching the goal. It is the only way to learn, improve, and launch successful products.»
X «We search not only for people with degrees, postgraduate studies, or years of experience, we look for a team of professionals with heterogeneous experiences with a common factor: able to make decisions and willing to be part of our project. A challenge representing a breakdown in their careers and demonstration of their skills.»
X «To innovate we have to be brave and believe. Innovating is creating new starting points and new ways guaranteeing competitiveness in the markets we operate in with a strategy, plan, and goal defined in a determined period. It is to redefine the things based on new approaches, even if we have to question something usual - which could be very difficult - to knock down barriers and to change things to do it. It only happens when we actually believe in that what we do, we know, and what we know, we do; all with a strong conviction.»
X «The growth in volume and profitability is the foundation of any company. Alicorp does not stop growing on an annual and sustainable basis. Therefore, it is the leader in almost every market with a solid projection for 2021. Alicorp’s staff experience this growth. Regarding professional matters, working for the company is better than getting a masters’ degree and regarding personal issues, daily efforts have a positive effect on the company’s development.»
X «Alicorp is in constant motion and growth. We have a strategic vision of the market allowing us to make a global and specific analysis to make decisions. We are focused on identifying opportunities and analyzing contexts to make changes allowing us to generate higher value for our shareholders, cooperators, and society.»
X «The growth by 2021 will allows us to save more. It means that a major volume of purchase of raw materials allows us to save in logistics, as a better negotiation tool. These savings will result in a better contribution for the company and shareholders.»